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An early start…

I knew I had a knack for computers when I was asked to teach my 9th grade computer class. My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20 that burned up after coding for 6 hours straight. Even in college when I was studying for my accounting degree I spent most of my time in the computer lab tinkering with VAX scripts, surfing GOPHER and playing MUDs.

Buy more toys!

Flash forward a few years and I’m working as a database administrator for a small marketing company where I had the opportunity to work with business-class hardware in the company’s server room.

I wanted more experience managing hardware so I bought a server rack for my basement and started filling it with all sorts of computers, peripherals and networking equipment – anything I could find – to use as web, database and email servers. I even built an open source SAN where I stored all of my music, software and documents. I learned a lot about server hardware, operating systems, SANs, domain controllers, networking and firewalls in the process.

A new beginning

I created a website for myself using open source software and hosted it on a shared hosting plan. In the process I did a LOT of research on hosting companies, how website hosting works, the tools they used and why some hosting companies were better than others. I moved my own site several times and in the process I learned a lot about DNS, networking and how to move a website without downtime.

It was around this time that I got my first “real” web design client – my homeowners’ association. They wanted a website but they also wanted someone to manage and maintain it. I realized this was something that a lot of people wanted – a website without all of the fuss and someone to call when you wanted your site updated.

And that’s when 37solutions came to life.

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