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Casascius Bitcoin CoinBitcoin users want quality, reliable hosting from companies like Rackspace without getting their hands dirty in server configuration and maintenance.

We buy Rackspace® Cloud Sites hosting and resell it to clients looking for premium website hosting at a reasonable price. By buying from us you get Rackspace Hosting with value-added features like our Concierge Service.

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What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are the first decentralized digital currency – essentially digital coins that you can send through the Internet. Unlike traditional currency that requires a bank or clearing house to transfer funds, Bitcoins can be sent directly from person to person.

We see a lot of potential for Bitcoin to be a viable form of payment for Internet transactions and we want to support the community by accepting payments in Bitcoin.

Who uses Bitcoins?

Bitcoin users are typically more technically savvy and can appreciate quality hosting options. There are a lot of Bitcoin miners out there that have been accumulating coins for a couple years now but there aren’t a lot of places to use your Bitcoins. And while there are certainly other hosting providers that accept Bitcoin we are the first to offer quality Rackspace hosting in exchange for the popular digital currency.

Why now?

The electronic currency has been getting a lot of press lately from popular news sources like Wired, Ars Technica, Forbes and Bloomberg. We learned about Bitcoin in late 2012 and embraced the new currency by purchasing a mining rig from Butterfly Labs.

The recent popularity of Bitcoin coincided with our website redesign so we took advantage of the timing and added Bitcoin payments to our new e-commerce store. We hope that we’ll fill a niche market of users looking to spend their BTC for website hosting, email hosting, website design and other technology services.

What can I buy with my Bitcoins?

Our Cloud Sites plans are the easiest to set up and use but if you need something more robust please contact us and we’ll help find a solution for you.

I want to learn more about Bitcoin!

For more information about Bitcoin check out the following sites:

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