Change Your LinkedIn Password

Change Your LinkedIn Password – And any account that uses the same password.

Why should the potential security breach at LinkedIn make you nervous? It’s just LinkedIn, right? Who really cares if a hacker changes your current employer or sends some spam to your connections?

6.5 Million LinkedIn Passwords Posted Online

If you’re one of millions of people that use one or two passwords for every account you should be very worried.

Hackers typically don’t steal passwords to get into the company they hacked. They steal passwords to get into other accounts like banks, PayPal, credit cards, email, Facebook and Twitter. Why? Well banks, PayPal and credit cards are self-explanatory but what if they got into your email account?

When you forget your password how do you reset it? That’s right, you go to the site and have them send you a new one. But what if someone else controls your email account?

Well, I’ll just call the company and have them change it.

Where’s the support number for Facebook. Or GMail? Even after you find it how do you prove who you are?

Do you remember those security questions they asked when you signed up? Maybe you didn’t have answers that quite fit and made up something close. What was the name of your favorite teacher again? Or your first pet?

So what do you do? How do you use unique passwords for all of your accounts?

A password manager like Roboform is ideal for keeping you from yourself. Create a secure password for each of your online accounts and keep them secure with one very hard-to-guess password.

RoboForm: Learn more...

They offer a free trial so you can play with it a bit to see if it’s right for you.

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