Your old computer is more of a hazard than you know

According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Americans now own approximately 24 electronic products per household.1 Each of those electronic devices will become obsolete. So what do you do with them when you don’t want them any more?

By recycling your old computer with 37solutions you are making sure that no one can read old files and data from your hard drive and you ensure that the components in your computer don’t end up in a land fill poisoning the ground water.

What do we do with your old computer?

  • Erase the hard drive software configured well above the DoD standard.
  • Evaluate the computer’s usefulness to someone else (e.g. school, charity)
  • Remove any useful parts that can be salvaged for use in other computers
  • Drop off your computer with Goodwill or similar companies who will recycle it for free

1Consumer Electronics Association. Market Research Report: Trends in CE Reuse, Recycle and Removal. April 2008.