Premium Website Hosting for Small Businesses

3D render of servers in the cloudsTo compete in today’s industry, you need a functional and aesthetically pleasing website. A website is the only online space where you have full control over your digital brand. And regardless of where and how you do business, you need a properly hosted website.

Websites help people and companies maintain reputations, reach new consumers, and market vital information. Building a website is typically more than the average user can handle. Unfortunately, companies like Wix, Squarespace, and Hibu make it seem like anyone can build a website on their own.

Anyone can create a Word document but no one wants to see it as a web page.

Modern websites are fluid spaces that adjust according to the device (mobile vs. desktop) and provide fast access to the most pertinent information about your brand. Your site’s hosting service serves as the foundation of every other digital activity. If you use an unreliable hosting service, great content and an intuitive user experience simply won’t be achieved.

If you don’t have experience with website hosting, design, content management, secure data storage, email management, and/or SEO capabilities, you need outside help to build a working and reliable website you can trust to promote your brand.

At 37SOLUTIONS, we offer turnkey website services, including our website hosting service. From choosing a domain name to optimizing each page for better digital visibility, you can count on us to offer premium website services for your digital presence.

Why 37SOLUTIONS for Website Hosting?

Since 2002, we have provided our customers with reliable and high quality website solutions using the latest techniques and solutions available in the marketplace. Our team knows how to build and optimize websites while minimizing the common complaints our competitor’s customers typically present.

The biggest complaints usually concern unreliable website uptime, inability to scale, and poor customer service. At 37SOLUTIONS, we pride ourselves on putting customer needs first. We only offer services we know we can competently support, and we offer concierge service plans for routine updates and unexpected changes.

If you’re still wondering if 37SOLUTIONS is the right website host and service company for your needs, consider some of our major value propositions:

We use the best

We don’t try to jam every client into the same hosting package or server. We develop custom solutions to match your hosting needs.
LiquidWeb is one of the most dependable and performance focused website hosting companies serving websites around the world today. We build most of our websites using LiquidWeb, and offer all our customers a reduced hosting rate. You get our services plus LiquidWeb’s reliability for a great price.

Depending on the situation we also use services from Rackspace, Amazon, Azure, CloudWays, Digital Ocean, WPEngine, SiteGround, and more!

You enjoy unprecedented scalability

A few years back, companies needed to estimate the amount of storage or bandwidth they needed. If they hit a limit, their solutions might shut down completely or fail to serve certain users. Today, automatic scalability is crucial for website success. If you operate an ecommerce store and Good Morning America showcases one of your products, you need to know you can count on your site to accommodate a sudden traffic surge.

At 37SOLUTIONS, we offer automatic scaling services. Your website will serve five people or 10,005 people based on your day-to-day needs.

You have access to our “department of redundancy department.”

In digital design, redundant storage can protect you from a cyber-attack, accidental data loss, or a small glitch. We offer all our hosting clients redundant storage so you never need to start from scratch in the event of an emergency.

Take advantage of our user friendly control panel

From your control panel, you can easily manage your DNS, FTP, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server Databases, email, and cron jobs and more. If these tasks sound daunting, don’t worry! With our concierge service package, you probably won’t ever need to touch your control panel.

We believe LiquidWeb is one of the best hosting solutions available on the market today, which is why we exclusively sell the brand’s Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers, and Managed WordPress products. At the end of the day, you take advantage of the company’s premium website hosting products at our budget-friendly prices.

Modern cloud services are just as safe as traditional hosting environments, but some of our clients still prefer to use traditional hosting services. In addition to our cloud services, we can also help you with a shared, VPS, or dedicated server solution. If none of this makes sense to you, don’t worry. We will help you choose the right fit for your budget, security needs, and usage expectations.

Choose 37SOLUTIONS for Website Hosting

A solid website host offers reliability. Without it, even the best website will go unnoticed. You can partner directly with a hosting service, but you may not receive the discount or the customer service you would receive through a turnkey website support company such as 37SOLUTIONS. Here, we offer hosting services as well as many other website support services.

From website design to SEO projects, we can help you with most digital activities. Reach out to us today to get started.

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