Website Management

Get a Concierge for your website management needs

What is Concierge Service?

Most hosting companies won’t help you update your website – you have to find a web designer for that. 37solutions is different. We host your website and assist you with updates, changes, bugs, typos and more.

Get a Concierge for your Website

Why do I need it?

After your site is built you inevitably find things you want to change or bugs that need fixed. Traditional hosting companies offer limited support and your web designer is probably long gone. Why waste time finding another web developer when we can do it all for you?

Content Updates

Update your site regularly to include new content, specials, blog posts, images or products to keep your visitors engaged and wanting more.

Image Optimization

Make sure your images are compressed so that they load quickly for users with slow connections or people browsing from mobile devices.

Software Updates

When your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Community Server site releases patches and software updates you’ll need help updating them and re-testing your site.

Plugin Updates

One of the best things about WordPress and Joomla is that you can extend functionality with free and paid plugins. But just like the software updates your plugins also need patching.

Server Backups

Most hosting companies backup your data however those backups are meant for disaster recovery (e.g., hurricanes, floods, tornados) not fixing human errors or recovering from hackers. We’ll help you set up server backups to make sure you can restore your entire server at-will whenever human error strikes. Take a look at our server-level backup options.

Off-Site File & Database Backups

All types of hosting can benefit from off-site website backups. Why restore your entire server when you can just restore one bad file? Check out our Off-Site Website Backup options or contact us for a custom quote.

Let us choose the management solution that’s right for you with a free consultation.