Cloud Files

Bring your content closer to your consumer

Rackspace® Cloud Files™ is easy to use online storage for files and media, which can be delivered globally at blazing speeds over Akamai’s content delivery network (CDN).

How does it work?

Let’s say that you created an awesome presentation and want to share it with your customers in Boston and Australia. Your Boston customers might download your presentation in a few seconds but your Australian customers will experience a much longer wait time due to the greater distance.

By uploading that presentation to a Content Delivery Network you securely publish it to servers around the world. Now both your Boston and Australian customers can view the presentation even faster because they are accessing it from servers much closer to them.


  • Highly scalable, redundant online storage
  • Store files and media of any size
  • Use as much or as little storage as you want
  • RESTful API enables developer access
  • Easy to use and manage via File Manager or API
  • CNAMEs allow you to take your CDN URLs and turn them into shorter branded URLs
  • SSL is a way to add more security to your content delivery
  • Edge Purge protects you from having outdated content cached on the edge for longer than intended
  • HTTP Compression compresses files before sending them across the internet, which can result in faster overall response times

Add Cloud Files to your Hosting Plan

Cloud Files is currently only available to our Cloud Sites customers.

Getting Started

Step One: Upload Your Data

Cloud Files supports any static content- from backups to images to video files. You can add new content to Cloud Files through our online control panel or programmatically through our API.

Step Two: Everything’s Automatically Replicated

Cloud Files provides data redundancy by replicating full copies of the data across multiple servers in multiple zones.

Step Three: Akamai Brings Your Data to the World

Cloud Files is tied directly into Akamai’s EdgePlatform so your content can be distributed to one of the world’s largest CDN platforms comprised of more than 95,000 servers deployed in 71 countries within nearly 1,900 networks.1

Support for Cloud Files

For Cloud Files, we ensure that your media content is securely stored, replicated and available to you when you need it.

As an added benefit we offer Concierge Service with each of our hosting plans so that you can make minor changes or get help uploading new pictures or content. You won’t get that kind of service from GoDaddy.

Cloud Files SLA

The SLA for Rackspace Cloud Files provides a 99.9% availability guarantee.

1 Visit Akamai Facts and Figures for the most up-to-date numbers.