Computer Repair

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Hardware and Software Computer Repair Services in Pittsburgh PA

Best Buy’s® Geek Squad® charges you a premium for Computer Repair because they have to buy all those cute cars. Get your computer fixed for less with our in-home, drop-off, or exchange services. We can visit you in your home to fix most issues or we can meet you to exchange your computer.

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Virus/Malware Removal

Regain control of your computer

Viruses, spyware, adware and keyloggers = aggravating! There’s nothing more frustrating that a computer that won’t do what it’s told. Order a virus cleaning and get your computer running in just a few days.

Order a Virus Cleaning

Computer Tune Up

Your computer can feel young again

Your computer was once clean, vibrant and attentive. But lately it’s been eating too much Fried Stuff with Cheese. As a result it’s getting dirty, fat and slow. We’ll get your computer back on track with a Computer Tune Up.

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Computer Set Up

I opened the box…now what?

Bought a new computer and don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re a pro and just want some guidance. Either way we can help set up your new computer, restore your files and install common software to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Wired and/or Wireless Networking

Your computer wants to talk to its friends

You computer is lonely – it wants to connect with others. Help it make a love connection with wired and/or wireless networking services. Not ready for a wired commitment? Try wireless and get your devices talking again.

Order Wired or Wireless Networking

Automated Backups

If you don’t have two copies of your files…

As the saying goes, “If you don’t have two copies of your files then you didn’t really need them.” Protect your investment from tomorrow’s disaster with one of our automated, flexible solutions.

Order Piece of Mind

Order Hardware Installation

More RAM makes a big difference

Your computer is virus-free, well-maintained and it’s software is up-to-date. So why is it still slow? If a computer tune up hasn’t solved your problem you may need to upgrade your hardware.

Install New Hardware

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Viruses typically take a couple days to fix. You probably don’t want to stick around for that.

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