Website Hosting

We have several website hosting options to fit your budget

Cloud Hosting

We resell Rackspace® Cloud Sites™, Cloud Servers™ and Cloud Files™ so that you get premium hosting services at a mom & pop price.

With Cloud Sites™ you essentially get managed hosting at a predicable price. Cloud Sites™ is similar to a traditional hosting model in that you pay for a set amount of resources each month. But unlike traditional hosting, Cloud Sites™ lets you scale when your site gets lots of traffic over the holidays or when Oprah mentions your latest book. Learn more…

When you’re ready to grow, Cloud Servers™ is there to help. With Cloud Servers™ you have greater control over your site and the resources it uses. Spin up a new server to handle store traffic at peak hours and shut it down when the traffic subsides. Learn more…

Cloud Files™ gives you a place to store all of those shared files you need to keep your sites running. With a world-class CDN from Acamai your clients in Pittsburgh or Peking will both have fast access to your presentation. Learn more…

Embrace the Cloud

Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting options include shared hosting (e.g. GoDaddy, 1&1), VPS, and dedicated servers.

With shared hosting your website is placed on a server with hundreds of other sites all fighting for the same resources. When your “noisy neighbor” has a traffic spike – your site suffers.

VPS solutions mitigate that risk by giving you a semi-private world to play in but ultimately you’re still sharing resources. You have fewer “noisy neighbors” but you’re still restrained by the resources you choose when you signed up.

Dedicated servers give you full and complete control but require constant, tedious upkeep. They’re expensive, they take a while to set up and you can’t easily move to another server or upgrade your resources.

If you would like us to help with traditional hosting please contact us for more information.

Keep it Traditional
Still unsure? We don’t blame you. Let us choose the hosting solution that’s right for you with a free consultation.

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