Virus and Spyware Removal

If you think you have a virus or spyware then you probably do

You’re probably pretty “in-tune” with your computer. You know when it’s fast and you certainly know when it’s slow. But lately it’s been acting really weird. There’s lots of advertisements and pop-up windows. Internet Explorer is more horrible than normal. You even tried downloading some tools to fix it yourself.

It’s hard to tell if your computer has a virus or is infected with spyware without looking at it but you probably know when it’s been involved in some risky Internet behavior.

Even the best anti-virus software can’t protect you from yourself. Get a free quote.

Do you have any of the symptoms below?

  • Computer is unresponsive or suddenly slow
  • Computer always seems to be doing something
  • Messages in the bottom right of the screen asking for money
  • Pop-ups and advertisements when browsing
  • Extra browser toolbars that you don’t remember installing
  • Internet Explorer redirects to shopping or search sites
  • Computer reboots by itself
  • Lots of disk activity even when you’re not doing anything
  • Suspicious activity on your credit cards and bank accounts

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All is not lost!

Even if your computer is several years old you don’t have to throw it out and get a new one. We’ll discuss several options with you including replacement, if necessary.

Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss the problem and provide you with an estimate.

House calls, pick-up and delivery

In addition to performing house calls we can also meet you to pick up your computer and deliver it to you when we’re done1.

If you want to see where your computer is being fixed you are more than welcome to drop it off at our Pittsburgh, PA location2.

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1 Within 25 miles of zip code 15202 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).
2 Viruses typically take a couple days to fix. You probably don’t want to stick around for that – it’s really boring to watch!