Cloud Hosting

Worry about your business, not your servers

How is Cloud Hosting different from shared or dedicated hosting?

Cloud Hosting distributes your site across several servers reducing single points of failure, enabling scalability and ensuring availability. Bulk hosting companies like GoDaddy and 1&1 put hundreds of sites on one machine. When your “noisy neighbor”, a website on the same machine as you, gets bombarded with traffic – your site suffers too.

With Cloud Hosting you pay for what you use like a utility. Traditional hosting makes you pay for more than you need just in case you might need it. If you go over your allotted resources then you’re site suffers because traditional hosting can’t scale to meet the demand.

Cloud Sites

Quickly host scalable, reliable websites

Cloud Sites can be considered a hybrid of Cloud and Traditional Hosting for people that aren’t sure how much they need but want the predictability of a set monthly price and room to scale as needed.

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Cloud Servers

Linux® or Windows® servers in minutes

It’s easy to get up and running with Cloud Servers™ from Rackspace®. Create servers on-demand that have root access. Dynamically scale at a moment’s notice and develop using an open RESTful API.

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