Email Hosting

Why are you still managing your own email hosting and servers?

You don’t need to hire staff or outside contractors to keep your email servers running inside your tiny server room – there’s a better way! Take advantage of the cost savings that an email hosting service can provide.

Reliable, business-class email built on a redundant and clustered mail system that’s backed-up daily.

The web-based calendar sharing and scheduling helps you connect with people easily and effectively. And you can synchronize shared calendars, contacts and task lists between users within the webmail interface.

Hosted POP/IMAP Email

For only $3 per 25GB mailbox you can outsource your email servers to someone that specializes in maintaining them.

Choose Hosted POP/IMAP Email

What is Webmail?

Hosted business email plus calendars, contacts and more. It gives you the power to securely manage email from any web browser or the device of their choice. No licenses to keep track of or software to download.

Access Options

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Entourage
  • Any POP or IMAP desktop software
  • Mac Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • Any web browser
  • Smartphones

Calendars and Contacts

  • Create multiple calendars
  • Set reminders and recurrences
  • Color-code entries
  • Create contact lists
  • Add photos
  • Store phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses
  • Keep notes
  • Import existing contact lists

Task Manager

  • Organize your day
  • Create multiple task lists
  • Feature action items
  • Keep notes
  • Schedule reminders

Mobile Device

  • Webmail
  • Option to upgrade to Mobile Sync

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016

$11 per 100GB mailbox gets you the power of Microsoft Exchange 2013 without any of the headaches of managing it.

Choose Hosted Microsoft Exchange

100GB mailboxes

Huge mailboxes that your users will have a tough time filling.

Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Three-layer scanning helps to keep your Inbox safe. Learn more about our anti-spam and anti-virus scans.

Mobile Compatibility

Access email on the go! Free for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, and Windows® smartphones.

Exchange Hybrid

Combine Rackspace Email and Hosted Exchange on the same domain and save money.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

Manage your mail from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

Outlook auto-setup

Quickly & easily set up a user’s Outlook with just their username and password.

iPhone auto-setup

Users can connect their iPhones to their email with just email credentials—no help needed!

50MB attachments

That’s twice the size that many of our competitors offer!

Public folders

Get 25 public folders with 250MB storage each to collect, organize, and share information.

Secure encryption

SSL encryption hides email data during transmission.

Backup & retrieval

Recover messages in Outlook for up to 14 days. Restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days.

Email Archiving

Email archiving with unlimited storage and retention, for just $3.00/mailbox/month. Learn More

Resource mailboxes

Create free mailboxes to schedule use of your conference rooms, equipment, and more.

Active Directory

Sync your Active Directory with your mailboxes for easy login and management.

Shared contacts

Share contacts company-wide via Global Address List (GAL).

Shared calendar

Share your calendar or view others’ calendars, making scheduling a breeze.

Distribution lists

Unlimited distribution lists for sharing information with specific groups.

Notes and tasks

The productivity apps you depend on.

Send-As permissions

Allow another person to send and accept email on your behalf – perfect for executive assistants.

Still not sure? Let us choose the email hosting solution that’s right for you with a free consultation.