Rackspace Reliability

You may not know them by name but Rackspace® is one of the top web hosting companies in the world. 37solutions buys hosting services from Rackspace® and sells them to you at a reduced rate so that you get Rackspace reliability for a fraction of the cost.

Concierge Service

So you had someone build you a website and it’s been running great for a few weeks until… You notice a typo. And another! Wait, that image doesn’t go with that product! What is all of this lorem ipsum text? Was that here before? Just like a car depreciates the minute you leave the lot […]

Automatically Scale

When your site hits the big time do you want to be at your computer – or at the party? With 37solutions Cloud Hosting packages and our partnership with Rackspace you can automatically scale your website when your 15 minutes of fame goes into overdrive. So relax in the Green Room before your interview and […]

Redundant Storage

Your website may be a blog about your local library or an e-commerce store that pays your bills. We use groups of high-performance, network-attached storage to make sure your site is backed up and secure in case of a drive failure. Inside each storage unit the drives are mirrored to create the first level of […]

Simple Control Panel

The Rackspace® Cloud Sites™ simple control panel makes managing your site…well, simple! The simple control panel has all of the major functions you’ll need to manage your site including: DNS FTP Email, Aliases and Spam Settings MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server Database Creation Cron Jobs Other control panels have so many options that it can […]