Concierge Service


Trust us to do it for you.

So you had someone build you a website and it’s been running great for a few weeks until…

You notice a typo. And another! Wait, that image doesn’t go with that product! What is all of this lorem ipsum text? Was that here before?

Just like a car depreciates the minute you leave the lot your website is out-of-date the month after your web designer finishes it.

Who’s going to fix all of this? My web designer is too busy and too expensive. GoDaddy won’t help me and my computer-savvy nephew would rather play Xbox.

We understand that your site needs small tweaks and changes after it’s done so every hosting plan includes our Concierge Service.

With Concierge Service you get one or more hours per month to make small changes to your website, update plugins and software or crop some photos and post them in your gallery.

Keep it simple. Let us worry about your website so you can manage your business or blog.

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